IT Support

Get the Technical Expertise Your Business Needs

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. IT support and management is a complex task and requires constant monitoring and maintenance. If your network reaches the point where you need to call in an expensive technician, it’s already too late. Managed IT Services from SRV ensure that your network functions properly and addresses issues before they cause network outages, costing you time and money.

IT Support for Architects, Building Developers,
Property Managers, & Other Small Businesses

If you design it, build it, or manage it, SRV provides the services to maintain it. Each business is different and has a unique set of IT service requirements. That is why we take the time to assess and create individualized plans to best suit the needs if your business. At SRV we take great pride in developing long lasting relationships with our clients and solutions that best fit their needs.

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Managed Services

When you call a costly technician to fix a downed network you are treating the symptoms of a larger problem. With a Managed Service Plan from SRV your network is constantly monitored and updated to ensure your network is healthy and functioning properly for a fixed monthly cost.

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Want to implement more efficient and newer technologies but simply don’t have space in your office to do so? Virtualization could be the answer - improve the performance of your applications and get back on track more quickly after outages with our Virtualization solutions.

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Business Continuity Planning

You don’t think it can happen to you until it does. Nobody likes to think of the worst-case scenario but events like natural disasters, loss of power and security breaches do happen. SRV provides backup plans that can protect you and get your business back on its feet, even after a worst-case scenario.

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Benefits of Having a Data Backup Plan:

  • Your files are securely and automatically backed up over the internet. Rotating and storing tapes has become a thing of the past, and storage limitations are nonexistent.
  • With our secure online backups, your data is accessible with the touch of a button 24/7/365.
  • In the event of a data catastrophe caused by events out of your control, like natural disasters, loss of power and security breaches, your information is secure and can be used to get your business up and running with little downtime.

Over Seven years of Support

As a real estate company that is rapidly growing, we need service providers who can keep pace, as SRV Network has for over seven years. One of the critical roles they have is acting as our IT Help Desk. Their team resolves a wide spectrum of software and hardware issues for our employees. They are ...Read More

Over Seven years of Support

Kent Swanson
Newcastle Limited