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SRV Network is located in the Chicago Loop and provides Managed IT Support and Services to small and medium-sized businesses throughout the Chicagoland area. While we happily work with firms from all over Chicago, we have noticed that the following locations are places especially vulnerable to cyberattacks. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’re safe because you’re small, cybercriminals are opportunists and will attack businesses they believe are most vulnerable. Contact us today and learn how we can create a reliable, customized service plan for your business.

If it’s a project, ongoing IT management, upgrade or move, we can create the solution that works for your unique environment and budget.

IT Support In Evanston

First settled in 1836, Evanston is home to over 70,000 people and has been a prime location for business and commerce for almost 200 years. The beauty of Evanston’s beaches, parks and friendly residents may create a feeling of relative safety, but cybercriminals are still on the prowl. Protect your sensitive business and personal information with a Managed IT Service and Support plan from SRV.

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IT Support In Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is renowned for its arts, music, theater, farmer’s markets, and diverse culture, making it an excellent place to open a business. The area boasts a population just above 65,000 and its wide range of services brings tourists from all over the world. However, its fame comes with some drawbacks, as cybercriminals are also drawn to this bustling area in an attempt to make victims of unsuspecting targets.

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IT Support In River North

A popular hub for artists and entrepreneurs, River North is Chicago’s epicenter for the combination of art and business. Boasting a reputation for beautiful design and architecture, this locale is a coveted spot for many driven business owners looking for a place to set up shop. However, the renowned success of River North has made it a key target for cybercriminals.

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IT Support In The Loop

The Loop serves as our home base and is a legendary center for industry and big business. With its architecture dominated by looming skyscrapers, the Loop has a powerful presence and a feeling of invincibility. As the second largest commercial business district in the United States, after New York City’s Midtown Manhattan, it’s no surprise that businesses in the Loop are especially tempting targets for individuals looking to commit cybercrime.

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IT Support In Bridgeport

The Bridgeport area is popular for its diverse food culture, art, parks and is the birthplace of 5 Chicago Mayors and the home of the Chicago White Sox. Bridgeport also has a rich history of industrial production and serves as the home for many manufacturing businesses in Bridgeport’s large industrial sector. You would think that perhaps a manufacturing plant might be safe from cybercriminals, but even they are the targets of phishing scams attempting to rob them of their money.

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