SRV Network's Industry Verticals

Different Businesses, Same Great Service

At SRV Network, we know that each business requires a personalized IT security plan to fit their unique needs. That’s why we’ve been the go-to managed service provider for dozens of businesses in Chicago since 1996.


You design the buildings, we design the network.

As an architectural firm, you’re constantly busy working closely with your clients to learn their objectives, budget, and their specific requirements for the project. Your business absolutely needs its network in order to get all your daily tasks done, so why would you settle for IT Support that doesn’t work as hard as you do for your clients?

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Building Developers

You build the buildings, we build the network.

After working with building developers for over 20 years, we’ve learned that a great deal of effort goes into the planning, implementing, and finishing the development of a new building. Don’t juggle all of that with maintaining the security of your network – let SRV Network keep you safe so you can stay focused on the field you thrive in.

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Property Managers

You manage the buildings, we manage the network.

Our experience with property managers throughout the years has taught us that your network is absolutely essential to every facet of your business. Why risk days, weeks, or even months of unproductivity due to a data disaster when you can put SRV Network to work for you and make sure your business stays secure 24/7/365?

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Don’t see your business’ industry vertical here? Don’t worry, we’d still love to meet you. Schedule a free consultation today and have us come to you.

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