Embrace tech trends and enjoy their benefits early

Tech fads often easily come off as mere gimmicks, but they can actually be an opportunity for your business to optimize processes and save money. To seize that game changer your company has been looking for, follow these tips. Be an early adopter One of the biggest factors in determining how successful your SMB will […]

What the Flu Season Means for Your Business

Millions of lives have been permanently changed, most for the worse, since our introduction to this "new normal." What was supposed to last only a couple of weeks to "flatten the curve" has become an unending nightmare of restrictions upon restrictions that have impoverished and bankrupted families and businesses across the country.

Here’s how marketing automation increases leads

Marketing automation has become an essential part of every business’s marketing strategy. Thanks to innovations in IT, business marketing tools have become more affordable for small retailers, online sellers, and other mom-and-pop operations. Don’t pass up the opportunity to maximize all the marketing automation tools available that can increase your leads and give you these […]

How to choose the best MSP

Business owners are increasingly realizing the importance of adopting efficient, flexible, and cost-effective IT systems. But as customers’ expectations rise, IT becomes far too complex and demanding for businesses to manage alone. This is why many companies outsource their IT needs to a managed IT services provider (MSP). MSPs defined MSPs are companies composed of […]

How Illinois’ New Mask Mandate Affects Your Business

Governor Pritzker recently announced that masks will be required while travelling outside, even in rural areas of Illinois. Violators of this mandate will first receive a warning, followed by possible police intervention for refusal to comply. While actual fines have not yet been implemented at the individual level, businesses may find themselves facing fines starting at $2,500 for failing to enforce the mask mandate among its staff and clients.

Ignore these outdated disaster recovery myths

Disaster recovery (DR) used to be an expensive solution that relied predominantly on tape backups. Today, cloud computing has dramatically changed the DR landscape, affording even small- and medium-sized businesses cheaper and more reliable DR solutions. Unfortunately, there are still a number of misconceptions about DR. Here are three myths that no longer apply. Myth […]