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  • Are your IT systems truly secured from hackers, cybercriminals, viruses, worms and even sabotage from rogue employees? If you're not getting weekly security patch updates from your current IT person, your IT systems are probably not truly secured.
  • Are your backups configured properly to ensure that you could be back up and running again fast in a disaster? In 99% of the computer networks we've reviewed over the years, the owners were shocked to learn this wasn't happening.
  • Are you unknowingly exposing your company to expensive fines and litigation under new Illinois data breach laws?
  • Could you utilize cheaper and more efficient cloud-computing technologies to lower IT costs and make it easier to work remotely?
  • Are your systems optimized for maximum speed and performance?

Ransomeware attacks in 2016 cost small businesses more than $1,000,000,000! (Yes, that's a billion dollars!)

SRV users didn't have to pay a penny.


Over Seven years of Support

As a real estate company that is rapidly growing, we need service providers who can keep pace, as SRV Network has for over seven years. One of the critical roles they have is acting as our IT Help Desk. Their team resolves a wide spectrum of software and hardware issues for our employees. They are very responsive and friendly to work with, but most importantly, they free up our in-house MIS Manager. This allows him to concentrate on strategic planning, research and implementation of new technology, and managing vendor relationships.

Another very important need that SRV satisfies is their assistance with complex IT projects across multiple technical platforms. Their certified top-tier system engineers leverage their experience to consistently provide knowledgeable, reliable support. They have proven their commitment to pushing our initiatives to the finish line, and will work evenings and weekends, just to ensure the work does not negatively impact our employees.

Kent Swanson
Newcastle Limited


Exceptional computer/network service for over ten years

SRV Network has provided our third-generation family real estate/property management business with exceptional computer and networking services for over 10 years. From the considerate, knowledgeable owners, Brian and Karl, to the many fine SRV office staff members and technicians, we’ve never experienced anything less than terrific professionalism and outstanding, friendly, fast and extremely-thorough assistance for all of our office/business computer needs.

Joe Carey
KLC Properties/The Schirm Firm

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Upgraded Our Entire Network

360 Chicago is the premier observatory in Chicago located on the 94th Floor of the John Hancock building. We’re located in three different areas of the building including the 94th, 34th and concourse level all needing to be connected and working together seamlessly. This year we upgraded our entire network. SRV Network, Inc., our service provider for 8 years, worked with our vendors and building riser company to make sure every aspect of the upgrade went smoothly. The upgrade went great and we’re very happy with how SRV Network, Inc. helped us through this major upgrade. We value our partnership with SRV Network, Inc. and look forward to working with them in the future.

Jennifer Hesser
Director of Operations
360 Chicago