What the Flu Season Means for Your Business

What the Flu Season Means for Your Business


Millions of lives have been permanently changed, most for the worse, since our introduction to this "new normal." What was supposed to last only a couple of weeks to "flatten the curve" has become an unending nightmare of restrictions upon restrictions that have impoverished and bankrupted families and businesses across the country. If you just barely scrapped by during the first lockdown, you NEED to take the time to ensure your business is capable of handling an even more extreme lockdown in the coming weeks. We would like to think we have time, but Illinois has already imposed mandatory quarantines for anyone who travels outside the state and returns from so-called "hot zones." In other words, a second lockdown is not just a mere possibility: it's a clear and present danger that is going to drastically affect the lives of you, your employees, and your clients.

Don't Wait: Defend Your Business Today

The temptation to "wait and see" is going to be the final nail in the coffin for many businesses across the globe. SRV Network is doing its part to, at least for Illinois, keep as many businesses operating no matter what difficulties may come to pass. If you want to learn how you can ensure your business makes it through a second lockdown, get in touch with one of our experts and inquire on our offer to provide a free consultation and network security assessment. We cover the use of remote access security tools, employee training under ever-changing CDC guidelines, cloud data backup security, and much, much more. Most importantly, you should be aware of your data's security if you've moved to a cloud-based solution. Did you know most cloud providers don't actually have a means of protecting and recovering your data if it gets lost or stolen while on their servers? Don't hesitate: call an expert and secure your business today.

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