Cybercrime’s Dirty Little Secret: It’s Not That Exciting

Cybercrime’s Dirty Little Secret: It’s Not That Exciting


If you like to watch the stuff that passes for entertainment nowadays, you’ve probably seen plenty of movies and shows where cybercriminals are romanticized as super coders with astronomically-high IQs. The reality, as per usual, is much more plain: modern cybercrime takes about as much effort as launching an app and waiting for something interesting to happen. Back in the day, cybercrime took actual skills, knowledge, and effort, but since the guys who did it were smart, they figured they could make more money for less risk by automating the process via special tools and selling those tools on the dark web. Hence, malware-as-a-service was born, and cybercrime soared throughout the globe. Criminals, (surprise, surprise), tend to be frustrating and rude to work with, which led to quite a few of the creators of these tools to retire early and release the source code to the public, thus increasing the availability of a whole slew of services to choose from for prospective cybercriminals.

Why This Matters For Your Business

With all these tools available for use, and with the Internet growing by the millions with every passing year, people from third world countries and poorer economies look to cybercrime as a reliable way to feed and support their families. Due to this unfortunate truth, that means that the problem of automated malware constantly probing for victims will continue to get progressively worse. If your business isn’t taking steps to actively protect itself from even the simplest versions of these types of malware, you’re practically inviting disaster to your door. You can learn more about what you can do to defend against these malicious attacks by reaching out to one of our experts and inquiring on our employee training services, remote access security tools, and business continuity planning guides.

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