Cloud Storage Solutions: Just How Safe Are They?

Cloud Storage Solutions: Just  How Safe Are They?


Continued orders to shelter in place from government and public health officials has caused businesses across the globe to dramatically restructure the way they operate. Executives now find themselves relying on cloud services more than ever before to support and monitor their employees, which has put the security of their critical data in question. If an employee can easily access sensitive business data from the comfort of their own home, how easily can an unauthorized user intercept that data? As it turns out, the answer comes down to what service you chose and how IT savvy your employee is.

Not All Cloud Solutions Are Equal

You’re probably already familiar with the popular choices like Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, but there’re also services like Dropbox, iCloud, Amazon Drive, and NextCloud. You’ll need to decide what service is best for your needs by considering which service would be best able to serve your business’ size (some options like Dropbox are great for small businesses, but terrible options for huge corporations). Another thing to consider is whether or not you’ll be able to get the following security measures to protect yourself: event logging, dual-factor authentication, AI tools, firewalls, encryption, intrusion detection, third-party security testing, and redundancy. These are just a few examples, but the main thing to focus on is third-party security testing. If they’re not constantly testing and improving upon the security of their servers, you might as well be posting your private data onto a public forum. EVERYBODY is using cloud solutions these days, and cybercriminals are salivating at the chance to profit off of it. Protect yourself today by getting a free consultation from one of our IT security experts.

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