The Biggest Threat to your Business’ Security: Your Employees

The Biggest Threat to your Business’ Security: Your Employees


Why do security breaches occur?

90% of the time, a breach occurs not because of a flaw associated with your security, but because of human error on the part of your employees. With remote working still being prevalent due to the pandemic and civil unrest, the dangers of a breach are even higher than before. The FBI has reported that since the lockdown began in March, they’ve received over 4 times the usual amount of calls reporting cyberattacks. For anyone who isn’t actively monitoring the security or their remote access tools, there’s a good chance an infected employee’s home network will transfer that computer virus to you and the rest of your employees. There is good news, however: we can provide the IT support you need with our remote access security tools.

Whether you’re interested in dual factor authentication, VPNs, or other ways of protecting your security and privacy when working remotely, SRV Network can ensure that your remote access tools protect the critical data of your business and its clients.

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