Returning to Work: How to Prepare Your Team

Returning to Work: How to Prepare Your Team


Maximize your productivity

After weeks of lockdown, everyone is looking forward to returning to the office - but will your return be a smooth one? While phase 3 of the 5-phase plan reopen the economy has already occurred, it seems many Chicago businesses are continuing to work remotely despite offices being allowed to reopen. This could mean a few things: either people are paralyzed with fear of the virus, or they’re unsure how to effectively serve their clients under the new guidelines. Regardless, it’s time to be pragmatic, which means you have to accept the hand you’ve been dealt and use it to your advantage. If you want to get ahead of the competition, taking the time to plan out your return will ensure that while everyone else is panicking, you'll be calmly navigating through whatever crisis the world throws at us next.

What does a good plan look like?

A good plan is all about maneuverability, meaning it’s got to be capable of adapting to any situation. In other words, your plan to return to work must include ways to keep productive while in the office AND while working remotely. Plenty of MSPs in Chicago will claim they have the solutions to your computer problems, but you need to get in touch with an IT expert that will train your employees to prevent those problems from happening in the first place. Your team should be able to recognize red flags in emails looking to target your business for cyberattacks and make understand how to not leaving backdoors open for thieves. Additionally, remote access communication tools like Microsoft Teams aren’t immune to being compromised, and it’s up to you to ensure your team takes remote access security seriously. The dangers get worse if a team member has a computer virus while attempting to access your business network – depending on the type, it could end up infecting your entire team and locking you out of your critical data. Remember: your success strongly relies on your ability to react to setbacks. Prepare yourself by getting the computer help you need from an expert today.

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