New Regulations May Pose A Risk If You’re Not Prepared

New Regulations May Pose A Risk If You’re Not Prepared


Clinic Loses $9 Million For HIPAA Violation

A clinic in California was recently sued by their patients after news got out that their private data was accidentally leaked onto the web. Despite their best efforts to correct the issue, the damage had already been done, and the data was unable to be recovered. They had signed on with an MSP who had assured them that security measures were in place to prevent such an issue, yet they didn't take the time to double check their work to make sure they were getting the IT service and support they were promised. Needless to say, their clients were not happy about seeing their private data made public, and the damage done by the impending lawsuit and HIPAA fines resulted in the firm paying over $9 million out of pocket.

What Regulations Are You Violating?

While it's tempting to look at this story and think you’re safe in Chicago, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Offloading the responsibility of protecting your client's data to a member of your team or a third party puts your whole company at risk if you’re not checking their work. The good news is that you don't have to pay a fortune to look into it: we'll do it for free. From checking how secure your data backups are, to testing how quickly you can recover from server damage/lockdown, we can make sure your business is prepared for any threat. Call SRV Network today to learn more about what regulations may be coming into effect for your business, and how you can avoid violating them by planning ahead.

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