Defending Yourself Against State-Sponsored Cybercrime

Defending Yourself Against State-Sponsored Cybercrime


FBI Reports on Cybercriminal Trends

A recent statement released on addresses how Beijing has been connected to several recent cyberattacks on United States businesses. Additionally, they detail how the CCP employs an intelligence collection strategy of employing hackers to gather as much information of foreign intellectual property, banking information, and other forms of personal data. One specific example of a recent attack funded by China was the exploit of a software vulnerability in Equifax's servers which allowed four hackers to access the private data of over 145 million American citizens. Ultimately, the statement concluded that constant vigilance is our best defense against these attacks, because even with several layers of protection, hackers only need to find one flaw to compromise your entire network.

Planning to Avoid Failure

If your business' network gets locked by cybercriminals, how long will it take you to recover? Two weeks? Several days? Don’t rely on one guy for computer help: there are threats to your security that require a team of IT experts to handle. Outsource your IT today and enjoy the benefits of knowing your network is capable of bouncing back from any threat in a matter of minutes. Contact SRV Network for a free consultation on what steps you can take to ensure your business has the IT support and service it needs to remain fully operational regardless of what possible threats come your way.

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